2017 Council Elections: Get involved with your community…

Article by Nick Terrell, PESGB President 2017

The Council meets monthly, either face-to-face or online to progress topics such as finances, policy and external influencing, PESGB events, training, outreach, publications, relations with other societies, and our Young Professional engagement. As Council members you have influence and responsibility in shaping what the Society does in both the short and long term. A particular focus for the Council and Society is to support its membership in this currently tough industry climate. Helping to sustaining the health of Petroleum Geoscience and Subsurface professionals in the UK is an increasingly important part of the role.

It’s interesting and fun to work with a diverse group from across the industry, all of whom have a passionate commitment to the charitable aims of the Society, in a positive collaborative atmosphere. Being part of Council can help extend your network and influence across industry and academia, and allow you to learn how to help run an effective non-profit organisation.

It is here that we need your help in getting the new team for 2017. Think of great enthusiasts, contributors and role models for others. Who would you like to see on PESGB Council – yourself, a colleague, a friend, a member of your network?

We look forward to you joining us in sustaining and building on the successes of PESGB in 2017 – and beyond!
Candidates should be proposed and seconded by Active Members of the Society, and should hold UK or European citizenship or be entitled to reside permanently in the UK. It’s a good idea to check with employers regarding time and travel cost commitments prior to your nomination.

The following roles are available in 2017:
President Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, Aberdeen Elect, Communications Director
Please contact Maria Iredale, maria@pesgb.org.uk in the PESGB Office for further information. Nominations are due by Monday 10 October 2016.

5 thoughts on “2017 Council Elections: Get involved with your community…”

  1. I also wanted to vote for Howard but couldn’t find the link on the home page to find the voting section. Page 7 of the November magazine issue just says to visit pesgb.org.uk, and the Council Elections page doesn’t have it, but the link above took me to the right page.


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